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Escort Sacha two girl service in MaidenheadYesterday I did a RED HOT duo booking with my sexy blonde friend and it was off the scale naughty! I’m a 34FF and she’s a 34HH so there’s a good few handfuls there between us both. It started out pretty normal with us both massaging each others huge tits and then pouring baby oil onto each other while using ice on our nipples to make sure we had them super erect… God! I can still feel the quivering through my body as my tits were kneaded like dough between her hands totally relaxing them and then only to be electrified back to life as the cold ice shocked our nipples into standing erect again straining to explode like tiny bullets!

Bloody amazing and prepared me for my girlfriend’s teasing tongue which darted fast and furiously over my nipples and then more slowly she licked me all over like an ice cream as she ended up with her tongue on my pussy lips and her mouth around my clit. I was in heaven and this time she had gone further than the last time so I felt it only right to return the favour as I sunk my tongue deep into her arse.

I never considered myself Bi at all and I certainly am more used to guys but there was just something magical as we cupped each others huge tits and massaged our huge mammaries without a care in the world. This was all just the opening prelude in our threesome and the poor guy who was totally BLOWN AWAY shot his load before we even got to touch him lol

…not to worry though because we had so much more in store for him and we milked him solidly for over an hour, time and time again and he had to almost crawl out of the bedroom on all fours after we had devoured his body repeatedly! So these two x rated busty blondes had once again shown why blondes really are more fun than brunettes and redheads!

Come and find out for yourself… Book now!

Sacha is an Independent Escort based in Berkshire, and covering Windsor and Maidenhead for in calls and out calls. Make a Booking now!
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Fancy a Threesome?

Sacha Threesome in MaidenheadI have a RED HOT sexy new girlfriend for threesome sessions and the first one we had yesterday was explosive to say the least! We like to dress as provocateurs for the men and we thought “why not for each other too…?” So into the bedroom we went with our horny client and we started off the session by sucking each others huge tits then oiling them up and rubbing our breasts against each other as our hands dropped down and I fingered her as she returned the favour to me…

I felt her two fingers enter me deeply and it drove me crazy because she was gentle but knew exactly the spot to touch. Our man joined in with his willing tongue and he licked the juices that the finger frigging had produced in us both. Lots of cream and bodily fluids left our bodies and the sweat was flowing freely too. We love to french kiss in front of our man and then we take turns with him whilst masturbating his hard cock at the same time. We took turns at kneeling on the bed and inviting our client to stick his hard cock into one of us and pump for a bit before removing it and putting it directly into the other lady! This was so sexy and all three of us were really turned on because we had mirrors carefully positioned around the room and it was just like making a real porn movie! Our man didn’t need a “fluffer” and he stayed hard throughout the hour and fucked us and came twice. It was a really erotic session and one of our naughtiest to date.

If you want to be the star of your very own two girl experience and you are in the Maidenhead or Windsor area then you only need get in touch and I can arrange this for you.

Sacha is an Independent Escort based in Berkshire, and covering Windsor and Maidenhead for in calls and out calls. Make a Booking now!
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